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YouTube took down Indian Gamer’s Channel for NUDITY

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Gamerxpro (Ravi Rawat) is an Indian YouTuber known for PUBG mobile contents on his YouTube channel with more than 1.5M subscribers.

YouTube recently took down Gemrxpro’s channel for sharing adult and nude contents. But ‘Gamerxpro’ is an Indian gaming content channel known for only PUBG mobile and gaming videos, so no question nudity arise from it.

Ravi’s disappointed on YouTube also shared a post on his Instagram and Twitter appealing them. Ravi wrote “Ye youtube India wale kya kar rhe hai ghanta pata nhi chal rha”

It’s almost 24 hours since the channel went down and there’s no response from YouTube yet. Ravi’s tweet appeal:

YouTube should have a proper go through creators content before bringing their videos down. It’s not the first time that creators are facing such issues, many renowned names got their channel brough down because of such fake claims. We hope ‘Gamerxpro’ gets his channel back ASAP.

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