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The Guy Behind Angry Prash’s Mask – Angry Prash FACE REVEALED

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A 24-year-old Indian YouTuber ‘Angry Prash’ who remained anonymous for almost 3 years behind the helmet finally got his Face Revealed.

‘Angry Prash’ (Prashant), popular YouTuber known for his cartoon comic videos for teens and adults, has crossed over 3.8M subscribers on YouTube.

Prashant also talked about his face reveal in last video said: he will reveal his face once he complete 10M subscribers on YouTube.

We never know what may happen. Recently a video of his Face went viral on YouTube blowing the minds of Indian audiences and his fans. The video showcase a clip from last years ‘YouTube Year End’ party where all the popular Indian YouTuber’s gathered at one space. Clip mainly focuses on Angry Prash clothes with mask and without mask where he unintentionally appeared in front of the camera revealing his Face.

Another video also went viral where Prashant is seen behind ‘Mumbiker Nikhil’ in a Blue hoodie. Both clips are enough to prove the Face of Man 24-year-old behind the Mask.

The video came from the guy name @angryvikb who revealed it in his YouTube video.


However, there’s no reaction from Angry Prash yet. Stay Tuned.

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