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Tana Mongeau Wants James Charles In Jail

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Internet star Tana Mongeau seems to be no longer friends with YouTube makeup icon James Charles after she mentioned being manipulated by him and called out for his grooming scandal on the Outta Pocket podcast.

Charles was once considered as one of the topmost creators on the video-sharing platform YouTube. However, his time at the apex is over and being canceled due to the recently discovered grooming scandal.

The YouTuber has been surrounded by countless controversies throughout his YouTube career. But his downfall started when he faced allegations of severe sexual assault and grooming young fans.

She publicly spoke about the makeup mogul during her appearance on Outta Pocket Podcast. Tana shared her encounter with Charles at a party while having a conversation with hosts Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Sammy Wilk, and Bruce Carter.

According to Mongeau, James left the party early when he heard she was on the way. She also shed light on the recently surfaced video which called Charles two-faced because “he likes kids.”

One of the hosts was unaware of the grooming scandal and when asked Mongeau to fill him in about the controversy, she replied “fill you in on why he should be in jail?”

Mongeau also called out the YouTuber to continue doing such things despite being called out numerous times which she referred to as abuse of power.

“It’s like such an abuse of power which I think is such a thing. If you are using your power to your young fans and manipulate people. We were friends for so long, and he would hide so much.”

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