Papaocus lately uploaded a video on his YouTube channel reacting to Salil Jamdar’s Asli Mard video. Papaocus pointed out several things asking for facts whether or not what he’s saying is valid.

Papaocus also questioned how porn could influence one to rape and many other things. However, his video went down by a copyright claim from someone named ‘Punjabi Tunes.’

In response to it, Salil Jamdar recently shared a post on Instagram writes here is the face with a long paragraph caption that reads:

“Any smart-ass can easily see that this ‘Porn Vs. Murder films’ thing is a foolish comparison. If they can’t, then they are not really smart-asses, but just pretending to be. Do not believe such people and instead use your own brain and focus on the facts.” Read it full below-

Salil reacted saying you cannot compare murder films with porn,and porn is one of the reason for rapes.

There’s no official word or video from Papaocus yet. Stay Tuned will keep you Updates.


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