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MrBeast Reveals Massive Cost For Squid Game Video

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YouTube’s popular philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson popularly known as MrBeast has revealed unbelievably high cost of his earlier teased real-life Squid Game video recreation. He even game some sneak peak footage of the set for the video coming together.

The popular Korean drama series is centered around 456 debt-ridden players who come from different paths of their life. They have invited to an unknown tournament in which they are made to play children’s games. The winner will be showered with ₩45.6 billion prize however the losers will be given a deadly forfeit.

The YouTube star is trying to recreate the same with the help of numerous other creators but without the forfeits featured in the show for obvious reasons. With this MrBeast as well as the internet knew that this project would cost a lot.

However back on 7th November, the YouTuber revealed that the cost of the recreation had already exceeded his expectations but said that he could not back off now as he was already “too deep.”

He then teased his recreation of every mini-game from the show on 13th November, which left the fans shocked to see the accuracy and dedication on display. Some were seen curious about the project cost.

MrBeast made a surprising revelations, saying that the Squid Game video cost him around $3.5 million. “Around 2 mil to build and produce and 1.5 mil in prizes,” he wrote in the tweet.

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