Logan Paul’s Video With KSI Trending On YouTube


YouTube star Logan Paul launched Prime Energy Drink company with another YouTube icon KSI. Logan uploaded a YouTube video on his channel on 10 January 2022 promoting Prime Hydration.

Both Logan and KSI took the internet by storm as they tie the knot to become business partners. The two influencers announced the launch of a drink called PRIME on 4th Jan. They announced their new drink-through Instagram live. The live session had over 570,000 viewers and it lasted less than ten minutes.

The drink will be available soon in Tesco in the United Kingdom. Currently, the Prime Energy drink is available in Walmart, Target, Vitamin Shop, and all over the United States.

Paul made a statement saying, ‘ It’s 2022, we are no longer rivals’. Logan and KSI fought against each other in the boxing ring during the peak hype of influencer boxing. KSI appeared on Impaulsive Podcast as a guest while Logan featured in a video with the Sidemen. Fans of both the fighters were disappointed with the announcement. They thought it might be something related to NFT or a boxing match.

The 26-year-old creator uploaded a YouTube video captioning ‘ I Started A Drink Company With KSI’. The video got over 2.8 million videos and gained more than 270K likes. With the immense support from the fans, the video got trending at number one on YouTube.

Seeing both the superstars together the fans commented,’ im actually happy to see them’, ‘well done legends’, ‘super proud of both’, and ‘Respect for getting the top spot on Trending’ etc.

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