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Logan Paul & KSI Retired From Boxing?

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The YouTube duo of Logan Paul and KSI blasted social media into the mainstream with their huge pay-per-view fights. Both of them are patched up their rivalry & are now business.

The famed pair are now business partners with their new Prime Energy drink. Logan and KSI confirmed about their boxing retirement, they won’t be competing in the ring anymore. JJ Olatunji aka KSI and Paul; fought each other in a 2018 white-collar bout. In 2019, they turned for a professional boxing match, which the Brit won by split decision.

Paul kept ‘boxing redemption’ on his list of priorities for 2022. Now he and KSI both have hung up the gloves to focus on their joint business venture. Currently, they both are now in Los Angeles promoting their brand. They announced their joint retirement in a TikTok video.

TikTok star ItsDanielMac asked them what they do for a living. To which KSI responded, ‘Well we used to be boxers but we’re retired now’, Paul responded to that saying’ Yeah’.

When Mac further asked Paul what happened, Logan replied ‘I fought Floyd Mayweather but he never paid me, So now we just distribute beverages’.

The fans of both got stunned after their announcement regarding going into business. KSI is still at odds with Jake, but his rivalry with Logan had come to an end now.

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