Friday, May 7, 2021

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    Krafton released a trailer for a futuristic PUBG: New State game

    Krafton announced PUBG: New State and is already up for pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store. The developer house has shared a trailer for the news game as well as a dedicated website has been set up for the same as well.

    This seems like an expansion of the already existing PUBG universe in ahead of its time for a more futuristic take on the massive multiplayer mode.  It is speculated that the game was going to be set in 2051 and the trailer confirms the futuristic weapons, vehicles, drones, combat shields and much more.

    The game well feature a map called Troi based in modern times. The gme has a general vibe similar to its peer Call of Duty and other futuristic military tech games.

    The shared trailer shows the first look of the new gameplay. Talking about the gameplay, it will also have many changes with one being able to modify weapons within a match similar to Apex Legends’ weapon attachments.

    As of now, PUBG Studio has not shared an exact release date for the game but leaks suggest that the game can be expected to launch as early as next week.

    Still the main question persists for Indian fans that if the game will be playable in to them or will it also be banned from the country.

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