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Jake Paul Speaks On Logan Paul Against Floyd Mayweather

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Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul speaks on Logan Paul’s lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather. Jake claims that his brother Logan is suing Mayweather after reportedly not being paid for their boxing exhibition.

In June Floyd Mayweather faced America’s famed YouTube star Logan Paul. The bout between them lasted over eight rounds. In the end, it ended without a winner as no KO was scored. Logan Paul claimed Floyd Mayweather did not pay him for their exhibition bout. Logan the boxing legend bragged before and after earning$100million for what he dubbed ‘a legalized bank robbery.

After eight months of the bout, Logan has continued accusing Mayweather of not paying him the full amount of his purse. His little brother Jake was in London promoting the women’s super fight. He said, ‘He hasn’t paid Logan. There’s a lawsuit that was opened up last week or two weeks ago. They’re pressuring him both legally and behind the scenes, but it’s embarrassing for Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather to not have enough money to pay my brother.’

Jake earned £30m from his three fights last year, which named him the second-highest-paid Youtuber of 2021. For Logan, it has been a most frustrating twelve months. He has spent £2.8m on Pokemon cards which he later found were fake. He said on his Podcast, ‘Jake made $45 million, YouTube’s No2 most paid influencers. Wow, it’s crazy man, a lot of money. It’s more than double what I made, according to that list- I might as well have not even been on the list, it’s bad, real bad.’

Floyd Mayweather is yet to react to the allegations. Logan claimed he was approached about a rematch but declined, instead offering it up to 5-0 Jake. On the Maverick Club Paul said, ‘I told him to f*** himself, first of all, you have to pay me the rest of the money that you owe me. Second of all fo f*** yourself, but what if I give it to Jake.’

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