Jake Paul Desires Traveling Space With Elon Musk


YouTube and Boxing sensational Jake Paul recently celebrated his 25th birthday. Jake the Youtuber turned boxer is making headlines with his achievements in recent times.

As per Forbes, Jake was named as the richest YouTube star of 2021. He currently holds a record of 5-0 as a professional boxer. Jake Paul recently turned 25 and had a blast at his birthday party. He even uploaded semi-nude pictures of him with his girlfriend Julia Rose Paul on his Instagram account.

Jake captioned the picture with the top goals that he wants to achieve in future. The 5th goal of his list got the fans wondering what will happen if it becomes true.

Here’s the list of Jake’s top five goals:

1. Get better every single day and enjoy every moment doing it

2. Elevate @serransisters and women’s boxing

3. Help as many as kids as possible through @boxingbullies

4. Expose bully Dana/help fighters

5. Go to outer space with Jeff, Richard, or Elon

If Jake Paul achieves his 5th goal, it will take the internet on fire. Here are the few reactions of Jake’s fans, “Trash talks”, “It will one of a hell moment”, “LoL can’t wait”, ” Paul has lost his brain” etc.

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