#GamerStandwithIndia – What is It?


The growth of Gaming Industry in India evolved alot since last few years and now Esports and interactive gaming has hit the mainstream entertainment in India. This also has led to formation of gaming community bringing together players from every corner in the country.

Recently, Social media of Indian Gamers are flooded with #GamersStandwithIndia hashtag. What is #GamerStandwithIndia? – It could be a new campaign that brings our Indian gaming community together through Livestream across various platforms like YouTube, Instagram and other to benefit the lives of people suffering from Covid-19. However, we do not have any concrete details about it yet.


8bit_thug(Animesh), Pubg Mobile player, Streamer and creator started the event called ‘#GamersStandwithIndia’ lately sharing a post and changing a bio on his Instagram handle. Since then many popular names in the community including Mortal, Scout, Harnit followed by Thug shared the same on their social media handle.

#GamersStandwithIndia could be a livestream event to raise the funds to support and assist the children & families suffering from devastating health, economic effects of Covid-19.

The country is in a complete lockdown state because of corona outbreak, bringing gaming communtiy together to help India fight Covid19 at this critical time can make a huge difference. Every little help is precious. Stay safe and Stay home.

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