Exclusive: BOLLYWOOD STAR ‘SHAHRUKH KHAN’ SPOTTED WITH Internet YouTube personality


The BB Ki Vines guy spotted with Bollywood king ‘Shahrukh Khan’ during the screening of Red Chilli Entertainment’s ‘Kaamyaab,’ set to release on 6th march 2020.

The video shared by Rohit Raj (Bhuvan’s manager) on his Instagram story features Bhuvan Bam along with Shahrukh Khan on way to hall guarded by security. Rohit tagged both the stars on Insta story that reads “Today was surrreal!” This sounds superb and seems this guys had a great time with SRK and others during the screening of ‘Kaamyaab.’

Rohit also went on sharing a review on his Instagram about ‘Kaamyaab’ said- “Watched Kaamyaab today. You must take your families for this one!”

Bollywood personality, including Sanjay Mishra, and many other casts of the movie were present at the premiere. Video showcase a lot of them together, applauding Sanjay Mishra for his performance.

Watch the ‘Kaamyaab’ trailer here.

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