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Duel between YouTubers – Carryminati vs Mythpat

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After Mortal, now it’s Mythpat. Carryminati vs Mortal 1v1 TDm match created a history on YouTube. The viewers broke the record for Live streaming around 400K people watching the live stream on YouTube. Even though Carry lost the match, we had fun watching him play against PUBG mobile pro player.

Fans now get ready for another showdown Carryminati vs Mythpath. Carryminati is an Indian YouTube creator and streamer popularly known for his roast video on his YouTube channel has more than 10M subscribers.

Mythpat shared a series of post announcing about collaboration with Carryminati on his Instagram story. He shared a poll that reads Carryminati vs Mythpat PUBG Mobile 1v1 TDM. There are no more details about their collaboration thing but it will happen soon. Stay Tuned.

In terms of gameplay both the players are good, so it gonna be interesting to watch them as it will be a balanced battle.

Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar) is an Indian YouTuber mostly known for Funny gaming contents and streaming Minecraft videos on his YouTube channel. Mythpat started his channel by educational cameo videos featuring GTA V later also made videos on PUBG mobile and other games like Granny has more than 1M subscribers.

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