Don’t Mess with Ashish Chanchlani !


Indian Social Media icon and Youtuber ‘Ashish Chanchlani’ recently roasted ‘KRK’ (Kamaal R Khan) – who’s known for Bollywood reviews on his YouTube channel.

KRK trolled ‘Ashish Chanchlani’ in his last YouTube video, calling him by names. KRK pointed out Ashish’s YT channel roasting him and questioning his viewers ”If Chanchlani can have millions of subscribers, why can’t he?”

We all know when it comes to roasting Ashish and Carry are good at it. Chanchlani took it to Twitter later, subtly replying KRK with meme- shared a video captioned as “Omg look what i found.”


The video grabbed everyone’s attention and his fans do not miss a single chance to troll haters- they keep tagging KRK in Ashish’s tweet.

KRK has not responded to Ashish yet. Guess he’s avoiding because he does not want to get roast again.

Kamaal R Khan

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