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Dank Rishu Took shots on Lakshay chaudhary again !

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Lakshay Chaudhary, this name is now a part of conversation of many new YouTubers or Roasters. Whether its Instagram, YouTube or twitter Lakshay’s been criticised by folks everywhere. Papaocus, Sunraybee and Dank Rishu these guys have been majorly involved in controversy, exposing and trolling Lakshay Chaudhary.

Lately Sunraybee uploaded a video on YouTube and now its Dank Rishu who’s taking shots on Lakshay Chaudhary in his recent YouTube video again. He is making videos on Lakshay for long and also being praised by Lakshay for it on his Instagram DM but now accused by Lakshay for spreading hate against him, explains Rishu in his new YouTube video. Sunraybee too exposed Lakshay for taking out creators video against himself on YouTube by false claim – Read here.

Since then, Lakshay Chaudhary is criticised by many. We do not know when this will come to an end. Other than that, “BAKCHOD BABAJI” Lakshay’s friend roasted Dank Rishu in his YouTube titled as ‘Content Chokidar’ (title of Rishu’s YouTube video).

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