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Chris Hemsworth was “Incredibly Excited” to visit India

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Chris Hemsworth was about to visit India on 16th March to celebrate and promote his upcoming new film ‘Extraction,’ says he was “Incredibly Excited” to visit India. Unfortunately, the tour got cancelled because of Covid-19 outbreak and Hemsworth feel disappointed because of it.

Netlflix India shared a snippet from Chris Hemsworth on their official Instagram handle, where our favorite Avenger (Thor) starts by greeting Indians with “Namaste,” also said he was honoured to work with “some of your best local talents,” as the film was shot in India.

“Namaste India. Chris Hemsworth here, all the way from Australia. As you may have heard, I was incredibly excited to come to India and celebrate this movie where it was filmed. My time in your country during production was unforgettable, and I was looking forward to returning,” said Chris in a video.

“But, you know all that is happening in the world at the moment. I, like you, am staying home. I know things are not easy right now for everyone so I wanted to share something I hope you’ll enjoy. I want to keep an eye out tomorrow for the trailer debut of my new film, Extraction.”

“It was an absolute honour to work alongside some of your best local talents to make this movie possible. I can’t wait for you all to see it. Sending you lots of love and good thoughts to everyone around the world. Stay home, stay safe. Be well.”

The trailer will release tomorrow. Extraction is set to release on 24th April 2020.

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