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Check What Saiman Says and Shwetabh Gangwar thinks about YouTuber’s

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‘Mensutra’ founder Shwetabh Gangwar and Saiman Says the mainstream YouTuber’s are well-known for brainiest and funny contents, respectively. Shewatbh has already announced about the collaboration news with ‘Saiman Says.’ The 1hour 15minutes podcast is finally live on YouTube.

The podcast features ‘Saiman says’ along with ‘Shwetabh Gangwar’ and also ‘Mythpat,’ who recently crossed 1M subscribers on YouTube is seen in the video. Various topics have been discussed in an hour long podcast including names of new emerging YouTubers like PapaOcus, Sunraybee and Dank Rishu who are involved in a controversy with Lakshay Chaudhary.

Both placed their views and advice on table regarding few YouTubers like Lakshay Chaudhary – who’s criticised by many lately.

Saiman Says and Shwetabh talks about the misuse of copyright claims in India and how it affects content creators. Both also put the light on previous PapaOcus and Mumbiker Nikhil controversy where Nikhil took down the Ocus’s video for criticizing him.

Shwetabh also disclosed the news about his upcoming collaboration with ‘Dank Rishu’ (YouTuber who abused an Indian police on Live stream).

Check the Whole podcast here.

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