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Carryminati’s New decision Disappoint fans

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Fans of Carryminati are disappointed regarding his new live stream decision on his YouTube channel.

YouTubers and Bollywood stars are trying their best to entertain people during lockdown whether it’s on Social Media or YouTube.

Carryminati recently announced his new decision through YouTube community post to keep his live stream private once done.“I’m trying a new strategy for the channel. I’ll private all the streams after they have ended. You cannot watch it afterwards but a highlight will be uploaded within 2 days,” said carry.

Carryminati’s post

It’s only been a few hours since the announcement and the post is flooded by dissent comments. Fans are not at all happy with carry’s decision though, carry said – he’s trying a new strategy and if this won’t work, he’ll switch back.

“Highlights won’t be enough, we love watching your whole stream”-write one of the fan. Check the reactions below:

We hope everything gets settled down ASAP by Carryminati.

Carryminati (Ajay Nagar), a 20-year-old is a popular Indian YouTuber, influencer and Social media personality known for making roast videos on his YouTube channel. Apart from being a roaster, he’s also a good musician and gamer with over 10M subscribers on his channel.

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