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YouTube DELETES Carryminati’s Controversial Video

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The feud between Indian TikTokers & YouTuber hasn’t ended now. A news recently strikes on Social Media – YouTube took down Carryminati’s record-breaking controversial video.

TikTok vs YouTube controversy fired up the whole social media lately and Carryminati’s blacklash video on TikToker Amir Siddiqui dominated various YouTube records national as well as International. Few days ago, Carry delivered a final blow on the controversy amassed millions of likes and views with ‘TIKTOK VS YOUTUBE: THE END.’

Just now heartbreaking news comes in for Carryminati and his fans – YouTube took down Carryminati’s TIKOK VS YOUTUBE video for violating YouTube’s policy. His video has dragged in attention of many all over India with unexpected growth figures on his YouTube channel. Within 24 hours Carryminati garnered around more than 2M subscribers and 7M likes on video becoming the Most-liked YouTube Indian video. The video that has helped carry achieve such a huge milestone was taken down out of the blue.

Why YouTube took down Carryminati’s video? According to sources, YouTube vs TikTok violated the YouTube’s community guidelines says ‘The Video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on harrasmet and bullying.’ It’s definitely the work of someone from the scene. The statement reads ‘harassment’ whereas Carryminati who’s known for his roast videos all over India has YouTube took down his roast video mistaking as harassment.

It’s midnight now and this sad news has blown up the whole social media, creating an uproar among Carryminati fans and audiences. Who’s responsible for this? Amir Siddiqui? We do not know any intel to point him out as a suspect, but he’s already under target of Carry’s fanbase now. It will be huge.

Surprisingly Carryminati haven’t responded to this incident yet, has made a lot of fans worried on Social Media. Stay tuned.

Carryminati isn’t the only one who’s sad now ‘Lakshay Chaudhary’ who has been majorly involved in controversy also got his video removed by YouTube. Lakshay too brutally took shots on tiktokers and Ami Siddiqui in his reaction video. He shared an update on his social media about it. Check the YouTube mail snapshots from Lakshay below:

As the news strikes well-known personalities, YouTuber and fans dominated every platform with hashtag #Carryminati and #JusticeforCarryminati trending #1 on Twitter. Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal, Mumbiker Nikhil, Raftaar, Maxtern, lakshay and many reacted on it.

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