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Why Mumbiker Nikhil BLOCK PapaOcus ?

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‘Mumbiker Nikhil’ is among the top vloggers from India who’s lately involved in many controversies for duplicate merchandise and products.

Nikhil is popularly known for vlogs and lifestyles videos on his YouTube channel with over 3M subscribers has faced many accusations until now. However, Nikhil never directly responded to any of them.

Many YouTubers and creators have taken shots on Nikhil on social media and YouTube, but nikhil always somehow escaped. The dispute of Mumbiker with his old friend from struggling days Prasad who manages UIC (Ur Indian consumer) now, was in discussion sometimes back.

Emerging YouTuber ‘PapaOcus’ too fired some harsh bullets on Nikhil for selling and supporting duplicate merchandise in his YouTube video, but Nikhil ignored the fact instead of answering his fans.

The fresh news recently popped up now, Mumbiker Nikhil blocked PapaOcus on Twitter. Why? Recently the whole Indian social media turned upside down with #Justiceforcarryminati and #carryminati hashtags dominating on every platform. Many YouTubers and creators stepped forward to support Carryminati and Nikhil too shared his thoughts on Carry’s video removal on YouTube tweeted: “Wtf? Carryminati ka video kaise delete hua ?”

PapaOcus didn’t miss the chance to troll ‘Mumbiker’ on Twitter replies with sarcasm said, “Tujhe nahi pata? Tereko toh pata hai creators ki video kaise down hoti hai ?” ( you know better how to take down creators video) As Long back, Nikhil has put a copyright strike on PapaOcus YouTube video on Mumbiker Nikhil where ocus pointed out a few facts- accused nikhil for selling duplicate products. Nikhil block Papaocus after he replied on his tweet.

Ocus shared the tweet snapshot on Instagram said “I was the top Reply xDDDDD.” From taking down Ocus’s YT video to blocking him on Twitter Nikhil’s digging his own grave. Avoiding such blames now may make him pay a higher price later.

Bloacking him was right? Or he should have answered Ocus? What do you think?

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