What’s New Quarantine Livestream Routine of Salil Jamdar?


Salil Jamdar has a new Quarantine Livestream routine under his sleeves.

Salil Jamdar is an Indian YouTuber known for his spoof Hindi Music channel ‘Shudh Desi Gaane’. He also have his own channel on YouTube ‘Salil Jamdar & Co’ currently with 600K subscribers. He’s mostly known for his short series ‘Asli Mard’ on YouTube.

Salil Jamdar recently announced his Lock-down live stream on his social media- Instagram. He shared an IGTV video announcing the new lockdown Livestream routine. Salil revealed the details about his upcoming livestream and what it’s about.

Salil said he will be streaming on every Friday and Tuesday live at 5PM discussing on particular topics, these topics will be changed in every live stream and he will be covering various topic during lockdown.

The first 3 topics are revealed by Jamdar on his Instagram are :

1st YT LIVE: PornHub & Corona
2nd YT LIVE: Tatti Content
3rd YT LIVE: Nakli Celebs


Salil’s stream has already started now as he scheduled streams for every Friday and Tuesday until next 3 weeks. His next Livestream will be on 31st March 2020. Stay Tuned.

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