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What we know about Mumbiker Nikhil and Shanice Shreshtha’s wedding


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Nikhil Sharma more popularly known as Mumbiker Nikhil is one of India’s largest YouTube vloggers with over 3.58 million subscribers, over 1 million followers on Instagram, a “merch line” in his name. he also enjoys an endless stream of fan clubs inspired by his lifestyle. Nikhil is India’s most prominent motovlogger and well-known personality among bikers.

Now the Vlogger is all set to marry Shanice Shreshtha and the news is also confirmed by them. The date for marriage is not confirmed by them. but in his recent vlog he was hinting and stressing the word “DOBARA” which could possibly mean 12th February.

According to Shanice, Nikhil proposed to her with a ring on 9th of September 2020. She shared a picture on her Instagram which will tell you all about it. The post showed a ring on her hand while the caption read as “He went down on his knees and became speechless. Tears of happiness ran down my eyes & he knew it was a yes.“

No one knew that Nikhil was going to propose her in midst of their ride. It was a huge surprise for everyone. Shanice litreally cried when she realized that Nikhil was proposing her.

Recently they were seen shopping for her bridal lehenga. Also Nikhil was seen choosing his sherwani for the wedding.

Fans are excited for the wedding and both of their comments section are a reflection of the same as fans cannot seem to contain their excitement any further. We all are waiting for all the adorable pictures of the couple.

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