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Urvashi Rautela Gets Trolled Like a Nerd LIVE on Instagram

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Due to Covid-19 outbreak people are practicing social Distancing, though the virus has brought a globe to a standstill, it looks like stars and creators are connecting with each other online to entertain the audiences at home.Ā 

We have a goofiest news for you – best Bollywood collaboration ever..!

Bollywood actress ‘ Urvashi Rautela’ goes live with the most controversial YouTuber of all time ‘Logan Paul’ only to get herself trolled in front of global audiences like a nerd.

Announcement Poster before LIVE

Logan Paul, 24, is an American YouTuber who came to recognition after his stupid stunt where he films a dead body uploading it on his YouTube channel.

We do not have intel on how these guys got in touch with each other..but this crossover has grabbed attention of large Indian audiences.

Urvashi speaks foolishly on live with Logan unaware of that she’s getting trolled by him.

This is so embarrassing as well funny to watch as an Indian.

There are various snippets and highlights of their live on YouTube. The live must have disappeared from her profile now.. Still, you can check the video below:

Idk how this happened it was one the the goofiest video I have ever seen. Just after her live with Logan Paul, this topic became discussion of Memesters and peoples on social media .

Check below what everyone has to say about the best Bollywood collaboration.

I agree!!!!

Even Nerds forgets to do their homework

It would be an enough entertainment for a day

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