Friday, May 7, 2021

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    UFC star Ben Askren accepts Jake Paul’s match offer scheduled to box next year

    Ben Askren is an American retired professional mixed martial artist and amateur wrestler. Askren was the former Bellator and ONE Welterweight Champion before competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He announced his retirement from the sport in 2019.

    Jake Paul’s efforts to land a boxing match against Conor McGregor went into vain. The UFC champ didn’t even budge to respond him. As a result, Paul is shifting his attention elsewhere.

    Askren shared a video where he accepted to fight Jake Paul. He is one of the many MMA fighters that Paul has challenged to face him in a boxing bout. Ben accepted his challenge and said that he was going to make a lot of money beating up the boasting YouTuber.

    Yes, mister Jake Paul. I do accept [it]. I know you called me. Listen, it is a pretty simple choice: I am going to make a whole bunch of money to beat up a guy who is pretending to be an athlete,” Askren said. “Because at the end of the day, that is what you are doing, and I know you may think, I do not have too many standup skills, but I don’t really need to, okay? I am a world-class athlete; I have won NCAA titles; I have been to the Olympics. I have won belts in multiple mixed martial arts associations.”

    “And quite frankly, I am impressed that you delude yourself into thinking [that] you are actually a fighter, that you are really tough, that you can really box, it is quite impressive that [you think that] beating up another YouTuber, and beating up a boxer, who you would think that has never been in the ring before, makes you somehow good at boxing, because it does not. So, yes, Jake, I accept. I will see you on March 20 in Los Angeles, and I will humiliate you like millions of people want to see [it] happen,” Askren concluded

    Further the news of the fight was announced first by the UFC Middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen. He also mentioned that Jake does not trust many people so he was told that he will be fighting ‘Ben then Dillon.’ He shared a poster which showed the date for the fight as 28th March, 2021 in Los Angeles.

    This makes it clear that he now have two of Jake’s match lined up in the next year.

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