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Twitch Banned Carl Riemer for firing a gun during LIVE STREAM

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Carl Riemer is a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer and Professional gamer known for his gaming skills (Call of Duty) around the globe. Riemers is a well-known personality with around more than 100,000 followers on Streaming platform-Twitch.

As per reports, Twitch banned Carl for firing a gun during the live stream. The incident took place recently where Carl was seen playing Call of Duty all drunk and fired a handgun during the live broadcast. Carl appeared to empty the bullets from the gun before messing around with it, but a bullet remained. Fortunately, nobody was harmed during the incident, though the bullet damaged a Computer monitor passing through a metal cup.

Carl’s gaming team SoaR also dropped him just after the incident says – “We do not condone the actions on livestream by Carl last night. He has been removed from the SoaR Gaming roster effective immediately.”

Next Day Riemers posted an apology video on YouTube and Twitter says “I was clearly intoxicated, but the fact of the matter is… guns are not a toy. They are not to be messed with.”

He’s very disappointed of himself and broke Carl writes “It’s a mistake, but it’s a mistake that could have cost somebody their life,” he said. “I’m so broken about this.”

Video From Twitter

“I made my biggest mistake of my entire life last night, and it could ruin my life,” He said “I could have hurt somebody, I could have hurt myself, I could have hurt one of my animals – and that’s unforgivable.”

Firearms are only provided for personal protection and shouldn’t be used for entertaining purpose.

Carl took responsibility for his actions and fans are proud of him, though he’s no more the part of Twitch and Esports Gaming Team SoaR.

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