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Top 10 most expensive Trophies inthe world

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Sports is one of the best source of entertainment you can possibly have. It involves real people who are playing out there for their team, schools, colleges, nations. Sports involve a lt of emotions not only with the people playing out there in the field, but also to the audience.

There are a lot of tournaments happening around the world to find out who is the best. It all is symbolized with a trophy in the end. The trophy shows all the efforts, support and hard work put into winning it.

Have you ever wondered how much these trophies cost? Here is the list of top 10 most expensive trophies –

10. Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy (NBA trophy)

Cost – $13,500 £10,000

Competition – Basketball

Material – Sterling silver and vermeil with a 24 karat gold overlay. 

Size – 61cm

Year of creation – 1977

Weight – 6.6kg

9. European Championship Trophy (Henri Delaunay Trophy)

$15,000 (£12,000)

Competition – UEFA European Football Championships

Material – Sterling Silver

Size – 61cm

Year of creation – 2008

Weight – 8kg

8. Commissioner’s Trophy (MLB)

$19,309 (£15,000)

Competition – Major League Baseball  

Material – Gold Plated Sterling Silver

Size – 61cm

Year of creation – 1967

Weight – 14kg

7. ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy

$30,000 (£23,500)

Competition – Super Bowl

Material – Silver and Gold

Size – 60cm

Year of creation – 1999

Weight – 11kg

6. The Super Bowl Trophy (Vince Lombardi Trophy)

$50,000 (£40,000)

Competition – Super Bowl

Material – Sterling Silver

Size – 56cm 

Year of creation – 1967

Weight – 3.2 kg

5. Stanley Cup Trophy

$23,478 (£18,000)

Competition – Canadian National Hockey League (NHL)

Material – Silver

Year of creation – 1892

Size – 89.5cm

Weight – 15.6kg

4. BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games trophy

$1.3 million (£1m)

Competition – Diamond Games

Material – Gold & Diamond

Weight – 4.5kg

3. Borg-Warner Trophy – Motorsport

$1.3 million (£1m)

Competition – Indianapolis 500

Material – Sterling Silver

Year of creation – 1936 

Size – 163cm 

Weight – 45kg

2. Woodlawn Vase – Horse Riding Trophy

$2.5M (£2m)

Competition – Preakness Stakes

Material – Solid Silver

Year of creation – 1860

Size: 91cm

Weight – 13.6kg  

1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

$20m (£16m)

Competition – FIFA World Cup

Material – 18-carat gold with 2 layers of semi-precious malachite

Year of creation – 1974

Size – 36.5cm

Weight – 6.175kg 

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