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Top 10 Best Carryminati Videos

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Ajey Nagar aka ‘Carryminati’ popularly known for his roast content and video game streams on his YouTube channel. Carry rose to an impressive height in the last few years, becoming an Indian Internet sensation and influencer. Ajey grossed many awards for entertaining audiences through roast videos on his YouTube channel.

A 21-year-old roaster has been ruling the headlines in a past few months, more than any other creators on Internet. All because of ‘TikTok vs YouTube’ controversy (Carryminati vs TikToker Amir Siddiqui) that blew up the Internet lately. It didn’t take much time to cause a huge rebellion of Carry’s fans to bring down TikTok’s rating from 4.4 to 1.2 in few days. Later all the mass negative ratings on play store were deleted and brought back to its initial spot.

During this time period, Carryminati amassed more than 10M followers, fastest than any other individual creator. His ‘Youtube vs TikTok : The End’ scored many global records. But unfortunately, the video went down on the grounds of violating community guidelines.

Ajey recently become the Most subscribed Individual Creator in India with more than 21M subscribers. Over the years, Carryminati entertained us a whole lot on YouTube. Do you know his Top 10 best videos yet? Let’s explore them.

Top 10 Best Videos of Carryminati

1) Yalgaar

Yalgaar is the recent diss track by Carrymianti against Amir Siddiqui. He expresses his rage against the YouTube and TikTokers for removing his most successful video ever.

The songs have over 90 million views and is constantly increasing. 

2) Tiktak vs YouTube: The End

TikTok vs YouTube: The End was on the path to become the most successful video by Carryminati. Unfortunately, the video was removed by YouTube for violating Community Guidelines.

It caused a tremendous uproar on Social media and also media channels in India. The controversy played a huge role in increasing the carry’s fanbase.

3) Bye Pewdiepie

4) TikTok Evolution 2019

5) No More Single: Valentine Special Feat Rocky

6) Not A Daring Show ft. Wakar Zaqa

7) PUBG India: Real Life Battle Royale

8) Film The Flare

9) Heart Broken Kids of TikTok

10) MSG: A Natural Disaster

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