The Weeknd Plays An Apology Voicemail At Coachella


Canadian singer-songwriter and record producer The Weeknd played a voicemail apology at Coachella. People present over there started assuming it was for Bella Hadid.

Coaching of 2022 began with a lot of drama, by way of Kanye West pulling out at very last minute. West pulled out due to the drama in his personality life. The Weeknd was quick to replace West, who might have brought some of his own personal life drama to his Coachella set. Weeknd did not sing out an itemized list of all the ways Coachella organizers like to mess with performers’ bank accounts. He played a voicemail at the end of one of his songs and a whole a lot of people believe it was from his ex girlfriend, Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd dated between 2015 and 2019. The last and final breakup sounded like the only thing to come between them was frequent flier miles. They were both busy with their respective careers and just couldn’t seem to find the time to be with eachother. It did not appear as though there was too much animosity there. There may be some kind of lingering resentment or cell cluster of pettiness that reminded with The Weeknd. When he went ahead and ended a performance of “Save Your Tears” with a voicemail, from a women.

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