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Tfue tags Ninja’s wife and wrote “Hey sweetie”

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Turner Ellis Tenney, known online as Tfue online, is an American YouTuber and Twitch gamer. The 22-year-old from Florida is a popular streamer and professional esports player, best known for playing the game Fortnite. Tfue has 11.5 million followers on his YouTube channel.

On the other hand Ninja is considered to be the best Fortnite player, this has caused a rivalry between the two players.  They say that they don’t hate each other, but they definitely like to start some major beef.

Tfue and Ninja’s drama

Tfue never wants to miss any chance for taking shots on Ninja. Both being the very best of fortnite players, happens to be the reason for the rivalry.

In February 2020, Tfue in a YouTube video says that the two have been “rivals for years”. He further says that, “Ever since I started blowing up in social media, blowing up on Twitch, whatever it may be, he’s been trying to tear me down, he’s been talking s*it behind my back.”

Tfue even said that, “He tried to get me permanently banned, literally tried to ruin my career.”

Responding to this Ninja tweeted saying “I don’t hate you” but also made him point that he doesn’t “appreciate his Twitter being hacked”, which was used by Tfue as public stunt.

Tfue tagging Ninja’s wife

On June 16th, Tfue uploaded his picture on Instagram flexing his ripped body, showing off his new toned abs. He captioned the photo “hey sweetie” and tagged Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins.

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Hey sweetie @jessicablevins

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This was an obvious attempt from Tfue to get at Ninja. As of now, Ninja has not responded to this yet, but it surely won’t be any good.

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