Ten Habits That Makes you Look ATTRACTIVE


Attractive people are more persuasive, in part, because they also possess or develop key personality traits — like intelligence and strong social skills — that make them more effective communicators. Being attractive can help you get better opportunities at almost everything.

Being attractive is not solely achievable through looks alone. Habits like reading, optimism to name a few also make a man much more attractive. These habits will last longer than just the physical appearance. Here are the daily habits which will make you attractive –


Posture is basically the position in which you hold your body while standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture involves training the body to stay in position while walking, sitting and lying where there is least strain experienced my your muscles.

Maintaining good posture instantly makes you look more attractive. This will give a feel of confidence and support. Also helping your spine to stay healthy .


Your face is the first thing anyone will see and notice. Since everyone sees it, we should take a few extra minutes to take care of our skin. Facial hair glands produce oil, therefore a man’s skin is oilier than woman’s skin. Oil can trap moisture, keeping skin hydrated and more youthful looking — but on the flip side oily skin is prone to acne. 

A simple skincare routine will help your skin to look clean, natural and glowing. Men’s skin care should include a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Taking responsibility and being leader

People look forth to leaders to guide them in their actions. Good leaders are idols for the people they lead, motivating them, supporting them and facilitating communications among them. Taking responsibility of your own actions is the best way to show maturity. People start trusting you more and they see you as a reliable person.

Being a good leader and taking responsibilities is a quality that not many can possess. So try to improvising these qualities in your day to day life.

Being optimistic

Optimism is defined as expecting the best possible outcome from any given situation. Even if things don’t look like going our way, but still expecting a positive outcome out of it. This is basically keeping a positive attitude. 

Being optimistic can help you spread warm and good vibes. This will help you go through your failures and see it as a new start. Having these will make people stay more with you as your vibes helps them to stay motivated

A positive team will be driven to accomplish goals and work together to move things forward.

Reading daily

One of the basic reasons why reading is important is that it helps you grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Every book gives you an opportunity to learn new things and explore new ideas. 

Reading helps you to calm yourself. It is one of the most relaxing activity. Not only that, reading also increases your vocabulary and concentration.

Imagine being in debate, interview or speech with perfect use of jargons and good vocabulary. This will make people give more attention to you as you’ll look more intellectual.


Do you remember the proverb by ‘Manners Maketh Man.’ Wherever you go people will judge you on your manners, How you behave, How you react and How you talk.  Your manners define your personality, self-control and quality. Ever seen an average looking man look a lot attracting and gaining every ones attention – Manners is the key.

The real measure of a man is his manner of etiquette.No matter how rich or good looking you’re if you don’t have proper manners people will never value you, your works or your word. Manners is must if you want to be an attractive gentleman.


Whether it’s home or Gym make sure you workout regularly to keep your body in shape. Working out will help you feel strong from inside as well as outside. Also, People who workout regularly has more confidence to face other person, as compare to some lazy guy.

Workout/exercise has various health benefis that can’t be ignored. It keeps your body and mind in top shape that indirectly reflects your personality. The more stronger and confident look is a sign of attractive man.


Grooming is the most essential thing that makes you stand out from other. Proper grooming and care of your body will make you look more attractive than you already are. Take shower, Wash your hairs and body, clean your nails, Trim nose hairs, style your hair, smell good.

Grooming adds to your personality and brings the best of you out. Ensure that you use proper products, style and clothes that suit your body. Check our 10 Most Essential GROOMING Tips for Men.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothing is very important, it makes you look attractive and confident, Selecting proper clothes from your wardrobe that suits you is the most significant step. Have a proper set of clothes and accessories ready. Determine what works best for you and that glows on your skin.

Wearing a suitable clothes and accessories will attract others’ attention and the aspects like your posture, walk everything adds to it making you the best among others.


Having a good hobby always  keep you engaged and relieves stress, you will always have something under your sleeves to talk about. Usually, people loves it when you tell them excitedly about what and why you love.

Having a hobby makes you look interesting and help you create bonds with others. Hobby definitely says more about you- that have something other than your daily routine that you love to do.


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