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Tana Monegau Back with Chris Miles after split

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Social media star Tana Mongeau and her recently broken up rapper boyfriend Chris Miles are allegedly back together after announcing getting dumped on July 12th.

On 7th of July, she took to Twitter to reveal her new boyfriend after being single for a considerable amount of time. In the tweet she wrote, ”I have a boyfriend, 7-7-2021, I love u eternity”

But the couple dated for no more than four days. She posted on her Instagram stories “KL I’m single just got left:)”

In another tweet she gave the reference to Kim Kardashian of being in a relationship for just 72 hours.

However on July 13th, she shared a photo of herself and rapper Miles in bed holding sheets up to their faces.

This was immediately met with mixed reaction from the internet. People were accusing Tana of just making up news for chasing clout. One such tweet read “stopppp fr y’all are crying for money and clout it’s becoming annoying”

Responding to the same, Tana claimed that she is not doing this for the clout but its just that the couple is toxic in nature.

She wrote, “lmao babe this isn’t a clout grab we’re just toxic smh”

But the rest of the internet did not take this well. Fans fired Tana for behaving like a 14 year old teen constantly dumping boys and embarrassing them.

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