Stylish Bags For Men Under 1000


Are you tired of carrying the same rugged bag over and over again? A stylish bag is essential-it not only adds a touch to your look and outfits, but can also hold items and be functional at the same time. Having a stylish and trendy bags over the shoulder definitely does wonders for a man’s style. We all want to look good and that’s the reason, we’ve narrowed down some best stylish bags, enough  to carry around with confidence that doesn’t makes you look like out-of fashion.

Fur Jaden Backpack Bag

Fur Jaden Backpack Bag, premium smooth and multifunctional bag for school and office. This backpack holds many essential key features like theft proof design with hidden zip, hidden compartments that keep your valuables safe and sound, crafted with Water repellent material.

Fur Jaden Backpack Bag is the best stylish premium bag, with excellent design and aesthetics, comfortable and perfect for office, school or travels. This backpack adds a touch to your personality and boosts your confidence as well.

HEROZ Harbour

HEROZ Harbour is great stylish backpack under this price segment. It consists of sizeable rooms for carrying enough items and comes along with rain cover. The bag also features a interior pockets to keep your coins or small essentials safe.

HEROZ Harbour has a structured and timeless design that will suit your lifestyle and elevates your look instantly. Perfect for college and travelling, with an impressive look and quality.


POLESTAR”Vintage is a classic, timeless stylish bag in our list that will elevate your look instantly and pair well with your outfits. The ergonomic design, comfortable handle, durable zippers, adjustable shoulder strap are some essential notable features of POLESTAR”Vintage.

It is lightweight and features two large compartments and pockets to keep our items safe and sound. These are best for travelling, college and office purpose. POLESTAR”Vintage is a multi functional bag and comes with 1 year warranty.

OPTIMA Polyester Bag

OPTIMA Polyester Bag is a durable and casual backpack with some amazing features. The premium quality designs, spacious compartments, made of polyester material makes it long lasting and perfect for heavy duty.

OPTIMA Polyester Bag is ultra-strong and offers small inner pockets to keep coins, small devices and other essential items safe.

SAFARI Backpack

SAFARI Backpack is the last in our list that made because of its simple and attractive design. This bag is lightweight, carry enough materials and suitable for hangouts in your town.

These bags consist of 2 compatments and can also be used for college purpose.


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