Ten Productive Things To do in LOCKDOWN


    All over the world, people are being told to stay at home and maintain ‘social distancing.’ These efforts are taken in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. Having all the free time you ever could is exciting initially but seem overwhelming with time.

    Time is one thing that once spent, can never be earned back. Still everyone is busy warming the couch and binging Netflix and Amazon Prime all day. Instead we advice you to do some productive things which will keep you engaged.

    1. Learn a language

    Communicate is made easy by knowing a language. Imagine yourself being transferred to abroad but you don’t know the regional language – a real deal breaker.

    Nowadays anything can be learned through internet. Also there are lot of courses which offer the same. “Duolingo” is an app which helps you learning languages. Ofcourse, you won’t get fluent in this short time but slow progress is always better than none at all.

    2. Learn to cook

    Food is the basic need of humans. As a student dietary needs is a huge problem when migrating as majority of them don’t know how to cook. This will also help a lot with your expenditures during that phase.

    It will help you eat healthy and less homesick. If you are a health conscious person than you will know what’s actually going in your body. You don’t need to cook all the gourmet meals, start learning with the basic dishes or your favourite meals.

    3. Start reading

    Reading helps you to calm yourself. It is one of the most relaxing activity. Not only that, reading also increases your vocabulary and concentration. Imagine being in debate, interview or speech with perfect use of jargons and good vocabulary.

    In this lockdown you might or might not get hands on books you desire. There are e-books available of almost every book which you can avail free of any cost.

    4.Listen to audiobooks

    If reading isn’t you thing, but still desire to know the valuable content filled in the book. Don’t worry you are covered for it, audiobooks are the audio files of those books having the same content.

    Audiobooks can be listened to while doing daily chores or just relaxing. Audible from Amazon gives a lot of free books for you and even more if you are willing to pay.

    5. Do home-workout

    Most of us have gained a lot of extra mass relaxing and binging shows all day. This is the best time for workout. To come out of this lockdown with a better looking version of yourself is the best thing.

    Loosing weight or building muscles depends on diet as well as workout. YouTube has a huge pile of videos solely based on health and fitness which are completely free. We strongly recommend working out to maintain fitness.

    6. Learn to play an instrument

    Everyone must have at least once imagined yourself playing an instrument in our college days. Well, say no more, cause now you have all the time you need to learn, practice and form your own music.

    Playing an instrument is good but mastering it is fairly difficult. You can find a lot of tutorials for each and every note you need. Now get started.

    7. Do DIY crafts

    Having a creative mind full of ideas in a lockdown is frustrating. DIY (Do it Yourself) arts and crafts will allow your ideas to flow. You can use your imagination to bring out beauty from scratch.

    DIY consists of many things like origami, drawing, customisation of phone cases, sneakers just to name a few. “5 MINUTE CRAFT” is one of the channel on YouTube which shows DIY stuff.

    8. Get green fingered

    A love for green is the best thing to have in a lockdown. Not only it will keep you occupied but also help to lower global warming.

    If you have a backyard or a balcony it is enough to get started with your gardening. Growing herbs in small pots will not only make your balcony beautiful, it will also help you with garnishing your dishes which you must have learnt by now.

    9. Watch documentaries

    Let’s be honest, you are going to spend a lot of time in front of your television. So you might as well make it a little informative. Find out and unravel some of documentaries on earth’s mysteries.

    Find your own interests and then run google search to find best documentaries based on your interests.

    10. Make a journal

    Currently we are living through unprecedented times. Our lives have been come to a still for few months and we might have to stay the same for an unknown period.

    Try writing down your daily experiences in this period. Few years down the line,one day you might want to look back at these days. Just get a simple pen and a book and start writing whatever you feel like. You will also be relieved from daily frustrations.


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