SteveWillDoIt YouTube Terminated Again?


YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, real name Stephen Deleonardis, informed fans that money had been stolen from his cryptocurrency wallet by a “hacker.”

SteveWillDoIt is an internet personality who is part of YouTuber group the Nelk Boys. They are known for their prank videos and vlogs. One fan wrote on Twitter: “Whoever hacked @stevewilldoit for millions deserves to rot in jail because he’s the most generous person on earth.” Youtuber SteveWillDoIt told fans in a new vlog that his cryptocurrency wallet had been hacked and money had been taken from him. “I got an email on my phone [saying] someone was in my blockchain, my crypto wallet. You guys know I’m into Bitcoin.”

Fans and viewers of SteveWillDoIt took to Twitter to discuss the news and share their opinions on the situation. One fan tweeted: “It doesn’t make sense how things like this happen to such genuine giving people.” After being accused of faking being hacked, SteveWillDoIt took to Instagram Stories to address the situation and call out those doubting him online.

He said: “If you think I need to make up lies right now when I’m the biggest that I’ve ever been to sell merch, then you’re a f**king idiot.” “All I know today was that I got an email. Someone has my email and password to my blockchain. I can’t log in. I can’t reset my password. I don’t have access to the funds. My email is no longer attached to that wallet.” Steve left a final message with his followers, stating: “I’m assuming I got hacked… so, if you think I’m lying, f**k you.”

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