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Mumbiker Nikhil and UIC Controversy REBORN

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“Stop manipulating a young minds…..and please get a life” , said Prasad.

We all know about Mumbiker Nikhil, fascinated with his lifestyle vlogs on his YouTube channel. A 28-year-old, Mumbiker Nikhil is one of the top Indian Vlogger with more than 3M subscribers on his YouTube Channel known for his daily Vlogs, moto vlogs and quite popular among the youth.

But the Mumbiker Nikhil we know now, wasn’t the same few years back, he was also among the struggling creators back then who kept creating vlogs collaborating with others on YouTube. Ur Indian Consumer (Prasad Vedpathak) was also among them.

Prasad and Nikhil both were good friends and was also seen in each others vlogs then.

Prasad Vedpathak is a YouTuber and traveler from Mumbai who manages two channels UIC vlogs- Ur Indian Consumer and run an online merchandise store.

Prasad is known for his vlogs and merchandise which made a great progress pulling in good amount of money from it.

But as the Mumbiker Nikhil vlogs got famous Nikhil also started his own merchandise store and promoted the “Muscleblaze,” a brand which is said to be a copy of Prasad’s products used by UIC. This controversy became the reason for breakdown of their friendship and is known by all.

However Nikhil never spoke or reacted towards this.

The controversy between both has Reborn again. Prasad shared a story on his Instagram says “he promoted a brand which had plagiarized my idea”

Nikhil again haven’t reacted to it yet. Stay Tuned.

Creators like Papaocus also pointed out and took shots on Mumbiker Nikhil for selling duplicate merchandise products without giving credits to original designer in his YouTube video.

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