MrBeast Reveals TV Commercial Was Refused Airtime


Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast tweeted an ad he made for tv. The censorship board rejected it for non-compliance.

MrBeast is a famed YouTuber and international sensation. He has more than 100M subscribers across multiple channels in multiple languages. The big part of what makes Donaldson different about other YouTubers is the man’s drive to always push for bigger and better things. With breaking records for the wacky recreation of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, or its record-breaking remake of Squid Game.

Now the YouTuber back in the spotlight as he created a TV ad for his ‘Feastables’ brand of chocolate. He revealed on Twitter that the ad was rejected for airtime due to “non-compliance”. FCC uses the word non compliance.

Within the ad, Donaldson starts right off with a close-up of a Hershey bar before declaring that “it honestly doesn’t taste that good.” This level of shooting another company that makes the exact product you’re trying to sell, while doing a great job of generating buzz, is what appears to be the reason for the FCC’s rejection of the ad.

As ‘gift’ content creator MrHumanity pointed out, he “used a major company’s product and logo” while stipulating that “even major brands don’t do that in their own commercials.”

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