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Mostlysane’s Debut short film ‘Khayali Pulao’ Review

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Prajakta Koli popularly known as MostlySane after her YouTube channel where she uploads comedy videos. Prajakta is considered as one of the most successful influencer. She boasts a huge subscriber count of 5.49 million on YouTube.

Khayali Pulao Review

YouTube sensation’s recently announced debut short film is out now. The short film, ‘Khayali Pulao’ tries to address the issue of realizing one’s dreams, no matter how small they seem to others. It showed ones true dedication towards own goal even when others keep criticising it.

Khayali Pulao tells us a story of young Haryanvi girl named Asha who is a sincere and studious girl. The story revolves around Asha, played by Prajakta. The story depicts her desire to play handball for her school team and also breaking the stereotypes set by the society.

Mosltysane as Asha

The 26 minute long short form starts with Asha dreaming of herself playing sports. This does justice to the title Khayali Pulao. She makes exceptional statements just through her expressions alone. Her grasp on Haryanvi dialect is impressive and sets perfectly with the screenplay.

Throughout the film, we see Asha getting turned down by her friends and teachers when asked about playing handball. Whereas her mother gives balance to film by being supportive throughout her journey to land on the school’s team.

Tanu Dudeja, being the writer and director of the short film, depicts a true rural setting and their traditional beliefs. He teaches an important lesson on the meaning of freedom.

The short film also features music composed by Sanket Sane, Rishi Dutta, Shivangi Bhayana and Mohit Gaur. The music goes seamlessly with the rural setting and lyrics hit on point to Asha’s situation.

Even though it is not categorized as thriller but is surely keeps the suspense of Asha hustle to be a team player. Over all the debut short film, Khayali Pulao is a great and entertaining watch.

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