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Mostlysane (Prajakta Koli) is one of avid content creator in India.

A 26-year-old Prajakta is a popular Indian YouTube personality known for known for Vlogs, comic and lifestyle videos. She has 4.77M subscribers on YouTube.

It been a five years since she started creating videos on YouTube. From; 5 Types of Singles on Valentine’s day, creating vlogs, collaborating with Bollywood stars and featuring in YouTube original series ‘PrettyFit.’ It was an amazing journey for her with a lot of hard-work ups and down.

Today’s her fifth YouTube anniversary and she took it to Social media celebrating & thanking everyone, shares a picture on Instagram captioned with –

5 years ago, at this very time, I was lying restless in bed wondering if I made the right choice by uploading a video on the internet.
5 years later, present day, I am sitting at the Washington DC Airport waiting to board a flight home after talking about Girls’ Education with @michelleobama over tea. If there is anything I want to tell Prajakta from exactly this time 5 years ago, it is, “You have no clue what you’ve just done, you idiot! So ja.” Thank you. For the best 5 years of my life. Thank you for giving me this life. Thank you for making me believe in myself more than ever. Thank you. Happy 5th birthday, MostlySane! Let’s go!

Caption also reads that she recently interviewed Michelle Obama about Girl’s Education over tea. She’s really doing great from YouTube to International now.

Mostlysane is so proud of herself, She’s glad she took an initiative 5-years ago. We wish her lots of luck and hope she keeps growing.

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