Mike Majlak calls off H3H3 Productions over Lana Rhoades


Ethan Klien and Hila Klien are an American-Israeli husband and wife duo popularly known for their YouTube channel “H3H3 Productions.” Their primary channel comprises of reaction videos and comedy sketches in which are about the internet culture. Currently, it has over 6.58 million subscribers.

The duo also runs a podcast channel where they talk about social happenings. Their podcast channel has 2.15 million subscribers.

In their recent podcast video they talked about Lana Rhoades. In the podcast Ethan talked about Lana’s past as a pornstar. He was debating over whether one would have sex with Lana considering here past as a pornstar. Ethan also made some inappropriate comments over Lana.

Timestamp 48:00

Mike Majlak calling out H3H3

Mike took on his Twitter account to address the comments made on his girlfriend Lana Rhoades. He mentioned that he saw that segment of the podcast and calls out Ethan’s comedy as “hatred disguised as comedy.”

Mike mentioned that Lana retired three years ago and Ethan should do some research before hosting a podcast.

He added, “also shoutout @HilaKleinH3 for being the voice of reason. and homie with the long hair saying he would never fuck a pornstar. i seen your type. buddy would pay $5k to smell my girl’s panties.”

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