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Mika Singh Mocks Badshah for allegedly paying for fake YouTube views

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Mika Singh is an Indian playback singer and live performer. He has given Indian music industry a lot of banger songs which are still popular even after years.

The singer took an indirect shot at rapper Badshah on Sunday for paying Rs 75 lakh for fake views on YouTube video.

Over the last few weeks, several celebrities are under questioning for paying huge sums for fake like s and followers on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Even rapper Badshah was questioned by the Crime Investigation Unit (CIU) for more than 9 hours on Friday. The officials said that Badshah has confessed to but fake views for his songs.

However, the rapper has denied any involvement in the fake social media followers scam, which is under the investigation of Mumbai Police.

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Mika Singh on Badshah

Taking a sly dip on Badshah and other celebrities involved in the scam, Mike wrote on his Facebook timeline that he should not have spent his money buying houses, investing on properties and donation to charities; instead he too should have paid for fake followers so that he could look successful like others.

“I’m so stupid I bought more than 50 houses and always invest in properties , give my 10 percent to the charities.. I should also buy views and followers toh mere bhi record hote. Haye mai sabse peeche reh gaya,” he wrote.

I heard so many actors and singers bought fake views on you tube and some buy followers and views on Instagram as well…

Geplaatst door Mika Singh op Zondag 9 augustus 2020

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