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Mia Khalifa pledges to get “Mr.Beast” tattooed if she raises $100k for Lebanon

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Lebanon born former porn actress Mia Khalifa has been in talks for a while. She is been seen on social media taking efforts to raise money for Lebanon’s Red Cross for the recent tragic Beirut blast.

As a part of fundraising efforts, Mia has auctioned her glasses which was she know for on ebay.

Mr.Beast is well known for his philanthropist efforts and also well known for his efforts in Team Trees where he planted $20 million trees.

On Sunday, the ex-porn star live streamed her tattoo session with Ivana Belakova. But prior to this, she announced that she will get Mr.Beast tattooed on her arm if she was able to raise $100k donation for the Red Cross.

Mia made the announcement on her Instagram story as well as on Twitter. “I’ll get ‘Mr. Beast’ tattooed on me for $100k. I’m live on twitch with a tattoo artist, let’s raise some money for LEBANON!” star wrote.

However Mr Beast has not yet responded to her, at least not publicly.

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