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    Meet Shweta Tripathi “Golu” of Mirzapur | Things to know

    Shweta Tripathi is an Indian actress. She began her film career as a production assistant and associate director, but gained wider recognition and accolades for her acting performances in the Hindi film industry and web series.

    Her notable performances were seen in Masaan and Haramkhor alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui. She is currently 33 years old but her youthful face and petite frame have led her to being cast in roles much younger than her real self.

     “Till date I haven’t played a character that is more than 24 years of age,” she once joked in an interview. “Life is so much more fun and frivolous in that age. Through my characters, I am also living that age. I would love to be under 25 for the next ten years in films,” she added.

    Shweta has also appeared in numerous web series. But her two of the most prominent web series Amazon Prime Video is Mirzapur, in which she plays Golu Gupta, the daughter of a corrupt police officer, and Made in Heaven, in which she plays a bride who walks out of her wedding over a dowry demand.

    “Even if it’s a small episode in Made in Heaven, it needs to have an impact,” Tripathi said. “I am not insecure about any character in terms of screen space. It can be for two seconds or two hours. But it’s important to understand what the character is upto. Even for Mirzapur, I was very excited because I just loved the world they had created. I am not even introduced in the first episode, but I just knew that I had to do this.”

    Now in the second installment of the web series, where she plays as Golu is seen devastated with the memories. She is makes a bold statement that the moment she gets her hands on the enemy, she will finish him that very moment.

    Here are some facts and her epic dialogues in the post below-

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