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Logan Paul was worried about his safety after having 6ix9ine as guest on Impaulsive

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Impaulsive is a podcast hosted by Logan Paul, Mike Majlak and Spencer Taylor together. They invite various celebrities and influencers to come and have a chat about their lives and their not known before stories.

The most recent feature on the Impaulsive podcast was Tekashi 6ix9ine. The controversial rapper, who was in prison, was released on house arrest in March. He was recently officially released and since then roaming around the streets with lots of bodyguards.

When Logan came to know that he was going to have Tekashi as a guest he was both hyped as well as nervous. As having 6ix9ine on the show would be a huge deal and also he was worried for his life as with the reputation of 6ix9ine anybody will be.

But in the short teaser video uploaded by Logan it was shown that 6ix9ine cancelled the filming and that caused Mike Majlak to rage up and yell at everybody on the set.

In the heat of the moment, Mike dropped down Logan with an elbow to his face making him almost unconscious. This whole incident of mike raging, yelling and hitting Logan caused him to receive hate in the comment section. People were annoyed by him.

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