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Logan Paul Urges Mayweather To Pay From New Earnings

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YouTube star Logan Paul asks Floyd Mayweather to pay him from the new flight’s earnings. Logan and Floyd fought in an exhibition match that happened almost a year ago.

Mayweather is set to be stepping back in the ring on 14th of May. He will be participating in the world’s first-ever NFT pay-per-view event. Floyd will face Don Moore, who holds an impressive 18-0-1 record. The event will be held on a rooftop helipad and is sure to make the two fighters a good chunk of money. Logan is expecting his fair share of the cut, as Floyd is still yet to pay Logan in full for their exhibition match that took place almost a year ago.

Last June the Impaulsive host shocked the world after he managed to go the distance against one of the best boxers of all time. Since the fight, Logan has claimed Mayweather has no money as he’s still awaiting payment for the fight. The situation has gone into a lawsuit, as Logan is determined to get his hard-earned money, Jake Paul added in a press conference.

Recently in a paparazzi interview, he was asked for his thoughts on Mayweather’s upcoming bout in the Middle East. “I think it’s great, maybe he can use some of his winnings to pay me. He added that he hadn’t been paid in full but he is still working on it. It is still yet to be cleared how much Paul is owed. Though it is assumed it’s pretty substantial based on the lengths he’s going to claim his hard-earned coin.

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