Logan Paul Flaunts His Pokémon Cards Collection


YouTube star Logan Paul shows off his crazy Pokémon trading card game collection. He revealed that his TCG addiction has gotten so out of control that he needs to sell part of it.

Logan Paul shocked fans by showing his investment of millions of dollars in Pokémon cards in 2020. His endorsement of Nintendo collectibles lit a fire under the prices skyrocketed and hobby. He even wore a diamond-studded Charizard to his boxing match against Mayweather. However, he has now admitted that his Pokémon card collection has spiraled out of control.

Paul gave viewers a glimpse of how big his collection had grown in a march 20 post on Twitter. He tweeted, ‘I have too many Pokemon cards.’ He then posted a picture of some of his most expensive cards lying on his bed in a pile of piles. Logan pursued his love for Nintendo’s hobby in a series of Instagram Stories. In one of the video, he claimed that his passion for Pokémon cards had gotten out of hand. He said, ‘I was looking at my Pokémon card collection and had no idea how obsessed I was with this hobby. I brought a lot of them. I even have a suitcase full of them. To be honest, I have to move some of these. I want to sell something.’

It is still unclear whether Logan plans to auction some of his TCG publicly or sell them to private buyers in the community. Whatever way he chooses, it is fixed that he is going to make huge profits. It is impossible to know how much his collection is worth. He alone has several 1st Edition Charizards sold for as high as $369,000.

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