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Life on Venus? Astronomers have seen a signal in its clouds

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Astronomers have witnessed a gas present in the atmosphere of Venus which is a sign of potential life existence on the planet. This is the most miraculous thing happened till now. Few have focused on the rocky planet as a habitat for something living.  Venus was a planet which was long overlooked in the search for extraterrestrial life but will now receive most attention.

The UK Royal Astronomical Society on Monday held a press briefing where the announced the discovery of phosphine in the higher up clouds of Venus. The detection of the gas grabbed eveeyone’s attention to itself as on Earth this gas is almost exclusively produced by microbes.

 The research was top notch and it was examined by many experts, some of them members of the team and others external to it. Still it raised many questions, as Venus has extreme conditions. The temperature goes up to hundreds of degrees and is cloaked by clouds that contain droplets of corrosive sulfuric acid.

“This is an astonishing and ‘out of the blue’ finding, It will definitely fuel more research into the possibilities for life in Venus’s atmosphere.” said Sara Seager, a planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “

“We know that it is an extraordinary discovery,” said Clara Sousa-Silva, a molecular astrophysicist at Harvard University whose research has focused on phosphine. “We may not know just how extraordinary without going back to Venus.”

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