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KSI responds to Jake Paul saying “We are not on same level bro”

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Jake Paul and KSI are one of the biggest names as YouTubers. Both these internet personalities are always known to be beefing around. Both of them announced to drop songs on same date and KSI even trolled Jake that he will get more views.

To get back on KSI, Jake added a segment in the start of his rap track where he along with a girl roasts KSI. But later the girl apologized KSI and said that she did this as it was just her job.

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Jake on KSI’s views beef

Now Jake uploads a series of Instagram stories comparing their songs. He showed a tweet from KSI which sort of challenged him to get more views on his new song. In the next story he pointed out that he actually has more views on YouTube.

Jake also uploads some comments from viewers who showed this to be true. He wrote than he didn’t start he views beef and KSI himself asked for it.

KSI’s response to Jake

As a response to Jake’s stories, KSI also went on a story spree where he shared some real numbers. KSI showed a screenshot which showed 0 songs of Jake at UK Top 10s, Top 40s, Top 75s and so on. He also showed that Jake doesn’t have any hits since 2017.

KSI showed the streams count of Spotify for both songs and KSI’s Lighter was way ahead. KSI mentioned that he has written all of his songs by himself whereas Jake hires writers for it. To end it, KSI said tagging Jake that, “We are not on same level.”

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