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While the entire world is quarantined now because of Covid-19 peoples are taking proper measure staying home, following social distancing trying to kill sometime on Internet. There been a lot going on Internet since then and KSI RiceGum Beef is new juicy drama on social media now.

If you missed on something and don’t know what’s happening between these former buddies JJ and Bryan, we’ll let you know.

It all started since last year KSI vs Logan Paul rematch where Rice was found out by KSI to be supporting Logan – because JJ denied a free ticket to their match so he accepted a free ticket offered by Logan. This is where it all begun KSI unfollowed RiceGum on social media cut ties off and also deleted their collab track ‘Earthquake’.(re-uploaded it only to delete it permanently)

Sometime back, RiceGum claimed his music is better than KSI’s; “I feel like my songs are better than his,” said Rice  “I’m just being honest. I’m not taking shots,” He explained he ain’t taking any shots instead just expressed what he thinks.

The beef between them escalated because of diss from RiceGum’s “DaAdult” track and his opinion on the whole KSI music thing  “I feel like my songs are better than his,” during the podcast. Bryan while discussing about their spitted earning disputes said “Just keep it, man. I don’t even want anything … just give me a feature back.”

In response to it KSI finally drops a 28minute long video on his YouTube channel against RiceGum said he’s tired of RiceGum dissing him everytime – “Rice, I unfollowed you because you’ve been dissing me.”

Guess this was unexpected to Bryan because he recently tweeted about dropping a dedicated long diss track on KSI: “I’m finna pull a comeback upset on this clown.”

Are we going to see a new track from RiceGum again? We don’t know that let the time do his thing.

This juicy drama surely has attracted the attention of audiences on Internet and may go on for long. Stay Tuned.

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