James Charles makes YouTube return after accusations


YouTuber and makeup artist James Charles has made a comeback on social media after being months away from posting content amid accusations of grooming underage fans.

Charles had been surrounded by numerous controversies throughout his YouTube career. Recently in March, he was accused of sending flirtatious text messages on Snapchat to a 16-year-old boy.

He initially issued a response to the accusations calling them ‘completely false’ and revealed his side of the story. But after receiving more backlash he confessed to the accusations. Since then he left social media completely.

James Charles now returned to YouTube with another explanatory video titled ‘An Open Conversation’ on July 2, 2021 where he claimed that many fake conversations are being posted about him.

“I’m still a human being that deserves privacy and respect like everybody else,” Charles said. “It’s one thing to have a super innocent and casual conversation with somebody on Instagram DMs or a dating app, and then to scroll on your For You Page an hour later and see every single message that was sent.”

Despite his clearing his side to the viewers, the internet community is against his coming back at all, with plenty of commenters speaking out against him on Twitter.

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