Jack Harlow Flies #2 Dropping New Album


American rapper Jack Harlow Is in buzz after dropping new album. He is trending on #2 on the YT platform with more than 2.5M views.

After performing at the Grammys Jack geared up for his new single release. Three days before its release “First Class” already got lots of love on TikTok. The new single from Harlow appeared on his sophomore studio LP, Come Home the Kids Miss You, arriving on May 6 via Generation Now/Atlantic. “First Class” is the second single from the album.

First Class is the seductive song with its come-on that promises first-class treatment and chic times courtesy of a sample from Fergie’s 2006 hit “Glamorous,” which seems to hit in all the right places. Few of Harlow’s fans are seen getting lost in steamy thoughts, fantasizing while the song plays. Others skate by the beach, dance around their homes, try on outfits, and chill poolside. No matter the song has inspired grooving, pleasant-to-naughty distractions, and summer-ready vibing.

In Harlow’s cover story for Rolling Stone, he discussed his aspirations for his upcoming album and beyond. “I  want to be the face of my shit, like the face of my generation, for these next 10 years. We need more people in my generation that is trying to be the best, and you can’t do that with just ear candy, vibe records,” he said. “You got to come out swinging sometimes. . . . My new shit is much more serious. Right now, my message is letting muh’fuckers know I love hip-hop, and I’m one of the best in my generation. You can’t do that with nonchalant, like, ‘Hey, I got the bitches,’ in clever ways over and over again. I got to dig deeper this time.”

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